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You may want know these Bioplastic information.

What are corn plastics?

Corn plastics are plastics made from PLA (polylactide). PLA is made from corn. Corn plastic products look and feel just like regular plastic, but they are 100% biodegradable and compostable. Corn is a renewable resource which makes corn plastics much more sustainable than regular plastic. Did you know that regular plastic is made from petroleum

What is PLA ?

PLA stands for Polylactide, and is a versatile polymer produced by Biopla. PLA is made from lactic acid. Lactic acid is made from dextrose by fermentation. Dextrose is made from cornstarch and cornstarch is made from carbon dioxide and water. PLA can be formed into several different products as you see on our website

What is the heat tolerance of PLA ?

98% PLA materials and final products in the world can not resist the heat higher than 45 degrees in temperature, that makes a number of PLA packagings have received certain restrictions. At the same time, the process of maritime transport will have the inevitable problem of a series of thermal deformation.

How long does PLA take to biodegrade or compost ?

PLA is fully compostable and biodegradable. In commercial composting conditions, PLA will compost in approximately 30-45 days. Composting may take longer in a Home composting bin.

If I throw PLA in the trash, will it biodegrade in a landfill ?
Most landfills are not designed to allow biodegrading of their contents. With that being said, PLA will react in landfills like other organic waste such as food. PLA is fully compostable in a composting facility. In addition, PLA is made from a renewable resource-corn-instead of regular plastic that is made from oil.

Is PLA more or less expensive than regular plastic ?
PLA is less expensive than PET plastic for some products, such as cold cups, PLA is less expensive than PET. For other products, PLA is the same or slightly more. You can be confident that you will benefit from china market rather than overseas oil companies

What products are made out of PLA ?

Products include cups, cutlery, food containers, trash bags and more. Everyday new products are being produced and soon every plastic product will have a PLA counterpart.

Can you print my company logo on the corn plastic cups ?

Yes! company logo can be printed on custom cup. the price and details are available on custom printed cups.

Questions about Bagasse (Sugarcane)

What is bagasse ?

Bagasse is made from sugarcane. Rather than throwing away or burning used sugarcane stalks, the pulp is made into a paper-like substance called bagasse. Bagasse can be molded into different shapes and products that are perfect for food service.

What is the heat tolerance of bagasse?

Bagasse is fully heat tolerant like paper. Bagasse can even be put in the microwave. As with paper, extremely hot food might cause bagasse to lose some of its strength, but bagasse is one of the only biodegradable food service products in the world that can handle hot temperatures.

Can bagasse handle liquids and grease ?
Bagasse will contain to liquids and grease. It is fully grease absorbent.

Is bagasse better for the environment than paper ?
Many people consider bagasse to be more environmentally friendly than paper because it is derived from a very renewable resource-sugarcane. Also, bagasse comes from the sugarcane stalk. Rather than burning or throwing away the used sugarcane stalks, they are used to make bagasse food service products,which makes bagasse a very sustainable product!

How long does it take for bagasse to fully biodegrade and compost ?
Bagasse is fully compostable and biodegradable. In commercial composting conditions, bagasse will compost in approximately 45-60 days. Composting may take longer in a home composting bin.

How long does it take for biopla cutlery to compost or biodegrade?
biopla biodegradable forks, spoons and knives are made from a renewable resource-corn plastic-instead of regular plastic that is made from oil. these utensils begin to break down upon entering a compost friendly environment with the right temperature and bacteria. biopla utensils will biodegrade in approximately 90-120 days and are certified to be 100% compostable according to DIN Certco test. To speed up the composting time, we recommend breaking the cutlery in half prior to composting.

Why should I buy products from Biopla ?
All of our products are as eco-friendly as possible, and most are organic and made from sustainable materials. Our time-tested screening process makes sure the products we offer are truly Biopla and not simply green-washed. In addition to the products we sell, all packaging and shipping is kept environmentally low impact as well. Dedicated to a truly professional customer service, we strive to be your one-stop Biopla !

Where can I learn about being more eco-conscious ?
Right here! We have a large selection of interesting articles, and our very popular videos, posted on our webpage under the tab heading: Information. We also have a Farmers Market search and a collection of Earth Friendly partner sites you can visit.

Can you send me a catalog ?
Not exactly. To reduce the use of excess paper and because we are constantly adding new products, we only have our catalog within our website. Waste not and simplify!

Can I come to your factory store ?
You are welcome to visit, you can see all the PLA material manufacturing process.

Can I place an order without a computer ?
Yes. We will be happy to take your order over the phone, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. You can also Email orders to us.

Do you ship to Canada ?
No. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate our neighbors to the North at this time. Biopla only offers shipping within the 48 contiguous United States. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Do you ship to Hawaii or Alaska ?
No. We currently only offer shipping within the 48 contiguous United States. Due to environmental impact and excess fuel charges we use ground shipping, thus Hawaii and Alaska are not included. We apologize for any inconvenience.

When can I expect my order to arrive ?
Most orders are shipped out within 48 hours of placing your order, resulting in a delivery time of seven days. If your order quantity more than one 20'container, our delivery time is 18-22 days, the exact arrival of your warehouses or stores will be in accordance with the final notice of shipping companies, Because all goods originate from China.

Can I get expedited shipping ?
No. In order to be true to our Biopla status and reduce carbon emissions and excessive travel we do not offer rush delivery.

What if there is a problem with my order ?
We make every effort to have your shopping experience a pleasurable event. If there is a problem with your order and it is within thirty days we will gladly exchange, replace or refund you in accordance to our shipping and return policies.

Can you print my logo on any of your products ?
Yes! We can print your logo on corn cups, hot cups, napkins and other products. Corn cups have a minimum order of 50,000 cups (50 cases) per size. Biodegradable hot cups have a minimum order of 20,000 cups (200 cases) per size. Depending on the size, napkins have minimum orders typically around 30 cases. Please call: 0086-574-86503646 for details and price. (QTY requirements can change without notice)

Can recycled paper be used in food service packaging ?
The FDA does not allow post-consumer recycled waste in food service packaging that has contact with food like plates, cups and food containers. Post-consumer recycled waste is defined as reclaimed materials such as newspapers and magazines that have already "touched" the consumer.
The FDA allows pre-consumer recycled waste in food service packaging that does not have contact with food. Pre-consumer recycled waste is defined as reclaimed fibers that have not touched the consumer such as mill scraps and manufactural leftovers that are reused.
Some of our recycled paper products contain post-consumer waste and others contain pre-consumer waste. Products that are allowed to have post-consumer waste including napkins, toilet paper, paper towels, carry trays and cup sleeves. Products that are only allowed to have pre-consumer waste include hot cups, plates and bowls.

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